Deseret Ranch
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• Primary function: cattle production
• 44,000 cows & 1,300 bulls
• 12 cattle management units
• Special rotational breeding practices
For over half a century, Deseret has functioned primarily as a cattle operation, producing some of the best quality cattle in Florida. We specialize in producing quality calves that are sold after weaning to operations around the country to enter the nation’s food market. Our reputation as one of the best cattle operations has taken decades to achieve, and is a result of long-term effort and innovation.

The heat, humidity, insects, and heavy rainfall require specially bred cattle that didn’t exist when Deseret was first founded. Deseret has responded by developing a breeding program to select for heat tolerance, beef quality, rate of gain, reproductive capacity, and calving ease. At the same time, we have been heavily involved in research to produce higher quality grasses suitable for subtropical Florida. The result today is a three-way rotational breeding program that utilizes the positive characteristics of Black and Red Angus, Brahman, Simmental, Red Poll, and Hereford cattle. This program maximizes hybrid vigor to produce cattle that are adapted to Florida’s sub-tropical climate and produce quality beef. Because of this effort and innovation, Deseret has achieved excellent quality beef cattle with some of the highest weaning weights in the industry. Presently there are 44,000 cows, including replacement heifers and pure-bred cows, and 1,300 bulls.
Because of its size, the Ranch is divided into 12 management units, each functioning essentially as a separate ranch. The average unit runs approximately 3,500 mother cows. At Deseret, a single cowboy typically manages more than 1,000 cows. The cowboys employ the latest innovations in herd health, nutrition, and cattle handling while continuing to utilize the time-proven methods of generations of Florida cowboys.